Forcing the government to demand the publication of Namde Kano – a British citizen: an open letter to British citizens

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Dear British Imperial Citizen
Forcing your government to demand the launch of your British colleagues residing in Africa Nigeria

It is your obligation to demand the launch of your British colleagues residing in Africa Nigeria

. I’m writing a letter about you about the evils acknowledged by Mazi Namde Kano, a British imperial citizen who had beforehand been residing in north-west London in the UK and who had been held incommunicado by the Africa Nigerian government since September 14, 2017, I’d love to get to know To British citizens spherical the world the injustice inflicted upon them by their British imperial citizen – Mazi Namdi Kano. The distinctive motive for penning this open letter to British citizens spherical the world is a methodology of inviting them to compel their government, the British government to urgently demand the launch of Mazi Namde Kano, an English citizen of the empire. In order for the British government to protect cynical since the lawyer of British citizen Bar Eviani Iguyphur educated her of his invasion by the Africa Nigerian military and his seize and solitary confinement, the British government did little or nothing

Dear British imperial citizens, The plight of the Nazi Nami Kano since his invasion and his seize of the Africa Nigerian military on the mounted directions of the Africa Nigerian government, which seeks in fairly a few circumstances how to get rid of it. Can of us suppose that every one your government did by methodology of the Abuja High Commission in Africa Nigeria was to write a letter of uncover demanding clarification of the whereabouts of Nazi Nami Kano with none observe-up motion from the High Commission? The Africa Nigerian official letter issued by the British High Commission in Abuja Africa Nigeria has been marginalized by the Africa Nigerian government as meaningless. From all angles and opinions that I’ve been serving as a journalist serving in West Africa, the Africa Nigerian government has survived Namde Kano as a final consequence of it enjoys the help of the British government to punish its esteemed citizen Nazidi Kano.

Dear imperial citizens, if there’s moreover a government and totally fully fully completely different individuals whose citizen ought to bear what Nandi Kanu suffers to commit any crime in Africa Nigeria, shouldn’t be the British government, shouldn’t be the British of us. For the Africa Nigerian military to defend Namde Kano, a British citizen incommunicado with out trial and entry is a mockery of the British government, a rape of British licensed ideas and a slap on each British citizen on earth, whether or not or not or not or not or not or not or not or not or not of us perceive it or not. If the Africa Nigerian government respects its bilateral relationship with Britain, the British citizen shouldn’t be handled in a methodology that treats Mazi Namdi Kano at current.

British citizens, so as to defend the human associated of Nazi Nami Kanno, your British imperial citizen, it’s time for individuals to do all the parts to stress your government to demand the speedy launch of Mazi Namdi Kano from the Africa Nigerian navy detention facility as a final consequence of he has been detained for a very very very very very very very very very very long time since 14 September 217. It is crucial for British citizens to understand that injustice wherever in the world is a hazard to justice all by means of the place in the world. If British citizens protect calm now that Namdi Kano has been the sufferer of unlawful detention Africa Nigeria and Africa after which who’s the fully completely totally fully totally fully fully completely different British citizen turns into the subsequent sufferer of this potential unlawful detention in Iran, Turkey or Egypt?

it’s time for all of you to cope with a excessive protest which can stress the British government to dwell up to its licensed obligation to its citizens and is the licensed safety of any of its licensed ideas and citizen dedication wherever in the world inside and open air of doorways the UK. May I remind you all that Article 36 of the Vienna Convention presents that any British citizen who’s arrested and tried for trial wherever exterior the United Kingdom is entitled to signify a licensed selling promoting selling promoting information of the British Government from the British Consulate to the nation the place the British citizen is being tried

The British, in the case of Namde Kano, your nationwide in Africa Nigeria, was illegally detained and detained by the Africa Nigerian Government from 14 October 2015 to 25 April 2017 with none trial. Despite the undeniable fact that due to extended detention in the route of the safety of human rights in the Africa Nigerian Constitution, Judge Adeni Ademulla of Africa Nigeria's Federal Supreme Court in Abuja Africa Nigeria, dominated on 17 December 2015 that Nazi Nami Kanno ought to be launched unconditionally nonetheless the Africa Nigerian government beneath General Mohammadou Buhari dominated that the courtroom docket docket had violated the sanctity of the courtroom docket docket by refusing to obey the courtroom docket docket's ruling. Mazi Namdi Kano was detained till 25 April 2017 when the Africa Nigerian Federal Supreme Court, headed by Judge Pinta Nyaku, granted him a strict assure by Namdi Kanu and was launched 4 days afterward 29 April 2017. Mazi Namdi Kanu didn’t violate the strict circumstances of bail 14 September 2017 When the Africa Nigerian military invaded his residence in Afara Okuo in Omawia, Apia, Africa Nigeria, he was arrested and launched to an unknown journey spot, presumably for abstract execution. Although the British government wrote to the Africa Nigerian government demanding an rationalization for what occurred to Nami Kano, nonetheless writing to the Africa Nigerian government shouldn’t be satisfactory to save a British citizen nobody is acutely acutely acutely aware of whether or not or not or not or not or not or not or not or not or not he’s alive or not other than the Africa Nigerian military. [19659003]
Finally, I invite you of us, and British citizens to insist strongly that the British government punish Africa Nigeria for people who refuse to launch your British citizen who has been held incommunicado since September 14, 2017. There isn’t any licensed justification in Africa Nigeria to defend Namdi Kano Was unlawful and refused to be tried or launched unconditionally, notably when the Africa Nigerian Federal Supreme Court granted the bail. As the involved followers of the epic between Namdi Kano and the Africa Nigerian government as a journalist of the household press e e e e-e-information serving in West Africa, I made a dedication to carry this information to your consideration with the expectation that you are going to all take the command with (May 19659003) Mazi Unibuchi Iz
19659004] Africa Nigerian Journalists Journalists

Africa Nigerian Journalists Journalists

in West Africa.

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