From London to Africa, How a Diplomat Who Signed Up to Serve Nigeria, Ended Serving His People

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May 20, 1967: After days of assembly with Chukuemika Odumogo Ojoku in Enugu who resigned from the Nigerian Foreign Ministry and pledged to switch his companies to Eghbos, Austin Suko returned to the United States and a few private belongings and rushed to London to begin a mission External Biafran.

The Bayfran Mission in London was completely different from anybody else he had participated in, and never as a result of he had to construct it from scratch - he had achieved so in 1962 when he opened the primary Nigerian diplomatic mission in Dar Salem, Tanzania - however the mission's urgency Unique. 

The outcomes had been measured in minutes and hours. Unlike the oppressive resistors of the Ibo, the Federal Republic of Nigeria was well-known for conflict, in a matter of days, crushing the Ighbuss in the best way that the lion mercilessly devours the orphan rabbits. <sturdy> <sturdy> July 6, 1967: </sturdy> Nigerian troops fired artillery shells at Oguja city. For Ighos to have the possibility to survive, much more so as a result of they didn't have a large military, fast worldwide participation is a should. 

Within hours of his arrival, Okuo started working the telephone, renewing political and social contacts with journalists, college students, youth and IBO organizations. 

The circumstances and time didn't enable any of the standard diplomatic options of protocols, rallies, events, cost packages and bouquets of flowers in accordance to international representatives. Instead, it was a low-budget, non-budget diplomatic workforce, reminding us of the best way Bayfran&#39;s troops pursued the Nigerian invaders with fists, machetes, talisman, golf equipment and wooden. 

Ambassador Martin on the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC, initially relieved when he heard Austin resign, quickly turned offended when he discovered that President Chancery was making calls and organizing the seminary to educate the general public in regards to the struggling of Ighbos. 

&amp; Austin is aware of a lot! What goes to cut up? Send a be aware to the Nigerian High Commissioner in London, Martin Rareed, and ask London to abort and regulate Mr. Okowo always. 

Beatrice, spouse of Oko, known as to confront him on the veiled menace. Who took a venture ought to prepare for punishment, &#39;he warned. <sturdy> <sturdy> Oil and weapons of conflict </sturdy> 

As all the time in wartime, who thinks quicker and works quicker shaking the enemy. 

As oil cash was the reason for Nigeria&#39;s invasion of Jepus, the federal government has an instantaneous plan to seize and safe the river oil area of jap Nigeria. So did Austin. 

To repel federal forces from the oil zone, Biafra wants battle arsenals from the ocean and the river. Austin has not misplaced any time in making contacts and commitments with armed parts. He known as Enugu, capital of Pirafran. I've, prepared for supply, two dozen amphibious pace boats armed with submarines. Please reply, &amp; nbsp; 

His invites hit deaf ears. The machine weapons may need sunk my calls, he stunned. Finally, a belated response got here to inquire in regards to the weapons. By that point the Federal Reserve had seized the river zone and imposed a naval blockade on the jap area. 

<sturdy> Rumors in Harmanatan </sturdy> 

<em> Until somebody will get a position within the drama of life, they all the time see what others don't see. </em> It was three months after Austin went to London. Rumor of Erius unfold like the hearth of Harmattan within the minds of irony. Who was alongside Igbos finest suited to characterize Biafra in London? A lawyer, a British coach, an educational diplomat or an skilled on the road? 

When the mud settled rumors, Austin Su acquired the message: Biafra wanted him to depart London and go to East and Central Africa. 

Why? He challenged this concept. 

The reply got here quickly, due to your expertise and expertise in that space. We want you to persuade your previous pals Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia to assist Biafra. 

Latley, his thoughts was swinging from the longer term to the previous, on one degree attempting to predict what to maintain sooner or later, however reflecting the teachings of earlier occasions. 

He recalled how, in his capability as Acting Commissioner for Nigeria (1962-1964), he met Prime Minister Julius Nyerere of Tanzania. President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia met in Ghana, earlier in 1962, whereas the Nigerian President of Chancery and younger Kenneth was a freedom fighter searching for introductions to Nigerian politicians. He&#39;s positive you owe him a bonus, his thoughts whispers. But how does one determine, when invited, to depart his spouse and youngsters and go to a distant land to serve a besieged race of unsure destiny? Oko himself repeatedly requested himself. Some choices, be aware, deserve enter from trusted pals. <sturdy> <sturdy> Re-Assignment to Eastern and Central Africa </sturdy> 

Amika Anyaoko was a fellow of the opinion of Austin significantly appreciated. 

What ought to I do? Austin requested Anyaoko. Instead of leaving London and going to Central and Eastern Africa, I'm considering of resigning from the international mission of Bayfran. 

Austine, Mr. Anyaoko stated, his voice agency but woven with braveness sister, you've gotten to go. The recognition of nations in East Africa is important if Biafra has a preventing alternative. My spouse, Mr. Anyaoko, continued nobody else might yield a higher consequence. East and Central Africa are locations  properly. Please don't enable resignation to enter your thoughts. Quitting smoking might be subjected to an irreparable blow to the morale of Biophren. 

by Austin for a second earlier than he says, however I really feel that I need to reside in London, close to my household. Our younger youngsters, they started to fear about my absence, Ighbos might be -? Listen, Austin, Mr. Anyauku stepped up easily, I really feel your despair in regards to the household; I do know you've gotten made sacrifices time and again, as for the Igbos - let choose generations. 

After that dialog with Imika Anyauco, Austin broke the <a href="">information</a> for his spouse, Beatrice. 

I&#39;ll return to East Africa, &quot;he stated, with a noticeable crack in his voice that solely silence that repaired. In the following few days, Beatrice watched him pack two baggage, select one brown shirt on a related one, and refused the footwear on a brown pair. I went three hats topped the dome, as I did three multi-color bow ties, a number of pens, writing paper, about ten folded newspapers, some previous and a few new. <sturdy> 

After serving Nigeria in London and returned to the town to serve Biafra, after serving Nigeria in Tanzania from 1962 to 1964, and now prepared to return in July, July 1967, ambassador of Bayfran, Austin marveled at how his profession was pressured into a full diplomatic circle. 

Mission: To persuade diplomats, presidents and international locations of Eastern and Central Africa to help Biafra to eliminate the probabilities of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to cease additional bloodshed at Igbus. 

Even with the employees of solely three - generally solely two - Austin Su Okuo nonetheless has many enviable achievements for Biafra. At the chance of smug look, I'll inform the document that I labored tougher than anybody else in reaching the popularity of Biafra by Tanzania on May eight, 1968, Zambia 20 <sturdy> <sturdy> Reflections by the writer </sturdy> 

In the midst of all the opposite parallel diplomatic statements, bombs, mortars, jet fighters, and bazookas, <em> Ogunbongo </em> continues to wreak havoc on each the troops and the Biafra Army And civilians throughout 1967, 1968 and the top of 1969. It was not till January 1970, after the demise of three million IGBOs, together with lots of of 1000's of kids Igbo who Joe Aa to demise, and with many households grief over the lack of sons, daughters and oldsters, the give up of Biafra - remains to be a proud and unstoppable race. <sturdy> <sturdy> Reference ebook </sturdy> 
Details of Austen Su Oko&#39;s diplomatic companies to Nigeria and Biafra are contained in his ebook, <em> The Truth for Justice and Honor: A Notes to the Ambassador of Nigeria-Biafran </em>. It is an indispensable useful resource for anybody who needs a direct account of the occasions that led to and through the Nigerian civil conflict: 1967-1970. 




Source by Anselm Anyoha

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